Academy Info


Rugby Academy Ireland is an international rugby academy based in County Kildare. This is Ireland’s first full time Independent rugby academy, offering players the opportunity to exponentially enhance their rugby and lifestyle skills and to prepare them for a career in professional rugby.

The academy is led by two highly qualified international coaches as well as position specific coaches, Strength and Conditioning experts and professionals from various other disciplines – all geared towards taking player performance to the next level.

Based on the grounds of the beautiful Killashee Hotel, the program operates on a full and half board basis, with facilities that include; state of the art gym, swimming pool, indoor training area, flood lit astro and grass pitch, conference facilities and video analysis room.

Programs are tailored and structured to individual needs – we focus on the individual and not on the team. Players also have the opportunity to complete various certified coaching and educational courses.

Rugby Academy Ireland will use their connections with European clubs to create player scouting opportunities locally and abroad.


Our vision for the Academy is fourfold:

  1. To be the undisputed Academy outside of the provincial academies in Ireland and Europe where players will significantly improve their rugby skills, and knowledge of the game.
  2. That players will be well positioned to secure an opportunity in a professional environment after spending a training year with the Academy.
  3. For those deemed not good enough to be a professional player, we would like to see them applying their trade anywhere in the world through the connections the academy have created for them and the improvement they have made as individuals through the coaching and life skills they received.
  4. To be the leading producer of professional players outside the provincial academies in Ireland and Europe.


We believe the game should be played in a positive manner where attack is based on defence and vice versa, where players should be able and have the freedom to make their own decisions according to the pace of the ball and the opposition in front of them.

We believe in a realignment multiphase game where forwards should act as backs and vice versa, while maintaining the principles of play of GO FORWARD, POSESSION, SUPPORT, PRESSURE.


To create an environment of learning, challenge and enjoyment by using an interactive approach to coaching. We strive to improve the player’s tactical awareness, through a game centred approach, combined with  the technical aspects around the core skills and fundamentals of the game.


The lifestyle will be determined by the individual himself through his dedication and commitment to the cause. Although our main aim is RUGBY we want every attendee to become a better individual through the modules we will deliver. Self-discipline and reflection will play a huge part in our program and whether the individual will succeed.

We want to create a lifestyle where the attendee always wants to be here as he will be looked after well, learn skills on and off the field, become independent and self-aware.

We will develop the attendee’s leadership, accountability and responsibility towards himself and those around him so that he becomes a more rounded individual.

The lifestyle will support the attendee’s development both as a person and as a player.