Rugby Academy Ireland believes that a combination of our Rugby and Education programme is an essential requirement in the holistic development of an elite player. We therefore recommend that players enrol into one or more Educational course as outlined below through our partnership with a variety of colleges. Rugby Academy Ireland also provides the opportunity to gain rugby qualifications as coaches and match officials that is recognised by World Rugby and IRFU. Our daily programme accommodates educational study time to help players achieve their chosen academic qualification


These courses are part of the Rugby Programme and fees are included in the Academy Course.

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World Rugby Coaching Stage 1

This course is specifically designed for coaches of Mini rugby (5-12yrs old) where players are being introduced to rugby for the first time and participating in games of reduced numbers (8’s, 10’s and 12-a-side).

The focus is on safety & enjoyment with the coach acting as ‘guide’ in a player-centred process.

Developing players’ all-round skills and game-understanding with an emphasis on Physical Literacy appropriate to the stages of development of each individual are the key technical, tactical & physical module objectives.

The course develops the coach as ‘Guide’.

World Rugby Coaching Stage 2

The Stage 2 Coaching Course is an introduction to the 15 a side game for coaches and helpers with limited experience in rugby.

Safety and enjoyment are the main themes of the course, and therefore the course is suited for people working with pre/early teenage and adolescent players.

The course develops the coach as ‘Teacher’.

Rugby Ready Certification

Rugby Ready is a new initiative from World Rugby which aims to provide Coaches, Referees and Players with best practice guidelines on Physical Conditioning, Technical Performance and Injury Prevention.

Club and School Affiliate Referee Course

An introduction to refereeing explaining all the laws of the game as well as concentrating on all areas of importance required to be a referee on and off the field. You must be a member of a club or school to participate and over 18 years of age.Wo

The SAFE Rugby, Standard Approach to Field Emergencies in Rugby – programme aims to provide rugby specific, pitch side emergency care training and skills to medical staff and non medical individuals involved at all levels in Irish rugby.

The SAFE Rugby Level 1 course is specifically targeted at non-medical club and school coaches, players, referees and parents. Following the same key principles as the other levels, it is very user friendly and allows plenty of time to have all of those questions that you had stowed away to be answered by our instructors.

SAFE Rugby has been designed to provide a standardised method of assessment and management of the initial stages of injuries occurring in rugby. Our programme recognises the fact that most people involved in rugby will only deal very occasionally with a significant injury. Our step by step, practical approach will ensure that the participant is confident and competent in looking after all eventualities until professional help arrives.

The SAFE Rugby techniques are adapted from emergency medicine and pre hospital emergency care best practices and are taught by highly experienced and skilled pre hospital care practitioners and senior medical staff from a variety of specialities including anaesthesia, orthopaedics and emergency medicine.

SAFE Rugby courses at all levels include Basic Life Support / Advisory External Defibrillation training and certification by the Irish Heart Foundation as well as a SAFE Rugby certificate from the IRFU, both valid for 2 years. Core skills include the initial approach to an injured player, managing suspected spinal and head injuries, managing fractures and joint injuries and concussion awareness. The instructor / participant ratio is normally 1:6 which allows for plenty of skills practice. The training days are mostly practical in nature and have been extremely well received by all those who have attended.

Optional Courses

These courses are optional for participants.  There will be allocated time slots to complete these courses. Costs for these courses are separate to the Academy course cost.

Players can also choose their own courses at their preferred institutions and study during the allocated times in the RAI program.